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Why control seagulls?

Controlling seagulls

Seagulls are a common sight in coastal areas and are often seen as a symbol of the seaside.


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Controlling pigeons and gulls

Pest control of flies

Is your business suffering because of unwanted birds making a mess, scattering rubbish and creating disturbance?


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Prevent and deter gulls

Prevent and deter gulls

How to prevent and deter birds.

All urban birds require a nesting site and a reliable food source. Removing b.....

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Bird netting installation

Bird Netting Installation

At the beginning of the year Aderyn were cho.....

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Treatment for bird mites

Treatment for bird mites

'Bird mite’ is a generic term often used by the general public, medical, veterinary and pest practitioners fo.....

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Half of feral pigeons carry infectious disease

Half of feral pigeons carry infectious disease

Almost half of all feral pigeons could be carrying infectious diseases the BPCA has warned. What'.....

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Are nesting birds causing problems?

Pest control of flies

Although many birds can cause problems during nesting season, interfering with their eggs or nests could be illegal, so .....

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Choose professionals to protect birds

Sea Gulls

Bird deterrents used on buildings, such as spikes and netting, must be installed by a professional to protect both wi.....

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Putting safety first with effective bird management

Pest control of wasps

The feral pigeon is very common and found in all areas of the UK - and the most pressing issue associated with their pre.....

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Human hair behind pigeon deformity

Rabbit control

Pigeons with missing toes is a fairly common phenomenon in European cities like Paris and London. But what's the cause?

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How to get a spider though a 900mm opening

How to get a spider though a 900mm opening

Aderyn recently had the task of repairing some pigeon netting within an ancient scheduled mon.....