Pest control of flies

Although many birds can cause problems during nesting season, interfering with their eggs or nests could be illegal, so seek professional advice.

BPCA members such as Aderyn have the appropriate licences to deal with birds that are causing problems. A few bird species can cause real problems when they take roost in or around homes and businesses – and if one or two find a sheltered site with a ready food source, they can rapidly become a thriving colony.

Diseases can be transmitted to people from birds and their droppings, while nesting materials can block chimneys and flues, which can lead to potential issues with carbon monoxide. Nests can also clog up guttering, causing damage to buildings, while bird droppings can corrode metals, stonework and brickwork. And where birds go, so do the parasites that live on them including mites, ticks, fleas and beetles, which can all cause secondary infestations.

Licences are granted to allow bird control measures to be taken which would otherwise be illegal under the legislation, but the law only allows competent people such as Aderyn to deal with certain species. BPCA members are trained, experienced professionals with access to a range of specialist products not available to the public. Our pest controllers are trained, qualified and regularly assessed to the British Standard in Pest Management BS EN 16636.


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