Treatment for bird mites

'Bird mite’ is a generic term often used by the general public, medical, veterinary and pest practitioners for a broad range of arthropod pest species.

Pest technicians will know very well that many arthropod pests can be found in a house simultaneously (bird mites, bed bugs, dust mites etc) including harmless arthropod species brought from outside through dirt and mud. Pest controllers have to become criminal investigators and identify the real problem through clues left behind (marks on the skin, blood may be present on bedsheets, colonies found in cracks and so on).

Suppose the bird mite, Dermanyssus gallinae (also known as the poultry red mite and not the only mite species you can potentially find on birds) is identified. In that case, it is essential to remember that only the adult and nymphal stages are blood feeders. This can be feeding on blood from birds, your customers, some of their pets and even unwitting pest controllers not wearing the appropriate protective clothing! Meanwhile, the mite eggs and the larval stage are usually not in close proximity with birds or humans and might hide in cracks and crevices far away from treated zones in houses.

Pest controllers need to remember that the first treatment would usually kill adults and nymphal stages, while eggs are well protected inside their shell. Therefore, it is paramount to treat a second time after the eggs hatch and reach the adult or nymphal stages where they’ll go looking around for blood.



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