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Rodent Pest Information

There are 3 primary species of rodents found associated with pest infestions:

  • Brown rat (rattus norvegicus),
  • Black rat (rattus rattus)
  • House mouse (mus musculus musculus and mus musculus domesticus)

It should be noted, however, that the black rat is no longer a common pest in the UK. They have been pests since time immemorial and have resisted all attempts to eradicate them. This is hardly surprising, given that they are highly adaptable, omnivorous creatures with tremendous reproductive potential, acute senses and a high degree of athleticism. Moreover, as recent studies such as the 2003 Rodent Survey in the UK demonstrate, their numbers are not diminishing.


Where to Find Them

Rats and mice are found wherever there is unsecured food and shelter from predators. The availability of such resources dictates population density. In ideal conditions, a pair of mice can produce more than 2000 offspring and a pair of rats 200 per year. Their gestation period is only 21 days and therefore, population explosions can occur when effective control is not implemented.

Generally, rats and mice will congregate around kitchens, pantries, and food storage areas. They can squeeze through cracks and holes as small as their head (mice 6-7mm, rats 2cm) in order to enter properties. They can also jump and climb significant distances, meaning they can access cupboards, roof spaces, and vents with ease. Call Aderyn today for pest control in Wales, we provide services exterminating mice and pest prevention. 

Look for the following signs.

  • Droppings (dark, rice shaped)
  • Rodent urine (sharp ammonia smell)
  • Scratch and gnaw marks on food containers or doors
  • Rodent runways (tracks, oily marks, and teeth marks)
  • Scampering and scratching noises
  • Pets exhibiting alert/hunting behaviours