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Fly Control Systems Installations

From glueboard to electric grid flykillers, our products have been designed to the highest standards and all units carry international safety certification.

Aderyn are able to provide, install and maintain a range of Fly Killers for commercial and domestic use, to prevent flies in your house. A good installation of well maintained electric fly killers, is an important aspect of a good hygiene regime.

As well as helping get rid of your flying pest problem, Aderyn can provide you with the tools to help ensure they don't return. We supply fly screens and commercial kitchen fly screens for windows and doors, along with window nets for bugs, commercial fly screen doors and an extensive range of both electric and glueboard fly killers. We will provide a survey by our BCPA qualified technicians and advise on the best solution to your fly issue. All our products offer a life-long guarantee for complete piece of mind, contact us now for fly control in Cardiff.

Electric fly killers have three basic functions, all of which must be present if we are to have an effective fly control system. These functions are to attract, to kill and to collect. Attraction is achieved using lamps that emit Ultra Violet light. As UV light is invisible to the human eye, traditional UV lamps had phosphors added, which produce visible blue light enabling us to see when they are switched on. This blue colour has no attractant power and is purely an indicator.


Our Fly Control Solutions

  • Fly screens for windows and doors

  • Electric grid flykillers

  • Glueboard flykillers





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