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Flea Infestation Information

These pet-loving pests are also known to bite people, especially when populations are multiplying out of control. We've worked cases where people working in offices and similar places often complain of being bitten by fleas. Residential home and businesses that deal with animals (groomers, vets) are most likely to develop infestations.

Where to find them

Fleas prefer to live on furred animals, but do hide in soft furnishings like carpets, bedding, and rugs. It is difficult to spot infestations, as fleas are very small, agile and often can only be spotted by the naked eye against light-coloured materials or fur. Fleas are easily taken care of when vacuuming, so non-pet infestations tend to congregate in areas that are not cleaned regularly, like corners and between furniture.

“Flea traps” have previously been used in our flea removal services, in such investigations to diagnose infestations. These are small dome shaped traps with a sticky base and incorporate a light, to act as a heat source to attract insects.

Diagnosing Flea Bites

It's important to diagnose the difference between flea bites and other kinds of biting insects. Bird mites often turn up after a premise has been pigeon proofed or cleared of pigeons. This bite is a raised red bump that sometimes causes irritation.

Midges (Ceratopogonidae, Culicoides) and mosquitoes are flying insects that only bite exposed areas. This causes small red lumps that can be very painful and itchy. These can develop into blisters.

Fleas tend to bite humans where the skin is thinnest, like the hands, feet, and neck. These red spots are surrounded by a red “halo” and are very itchy, sore, and painful. Fleas can move under clothing that isn't skin tight, biting areas that are not exposed. The bite can also develop into a blister or small wound. 

If you think you have a flea infestation, contact our pest control in Cardiff for professional flea removal services.

Look for the following signs.

  • Bites as described above

  • Flea dirt (small black specs that disolve into a red brown mark in water)

  • Animals excessively scratching themselves




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