Prevent and deter gulls

How to prevent and deter birds.

All urban birds require a nesting site and a reliable food source. Removing bird food sources or blocking off sites where they perch or roost is the best way to prevent birds causing a problem.

The number of birds attracted to an area will depend on what food is available. Therefore if birds are being fed, more will be attracted to that area, so food sources must be kept to a minimum. Keep your bin lids closed and cover compost bins.

Once a breeding site is chosen, gulls will usually return to it every year. They start breeding when they’re around five years old and have a lifespan of up to 25 years! Eggs are laid in April and May, with up to three eggs being laid per season. The eggs hatch after around 30 days, and only 10 days after that, they can take their first flight.

Bird prevention, proofing and control are highly specialised skills, requiring specialist equipment and tools. Birds are only killed as a last resort, and we are all required to try reasonably practicable non-lethal bird control methods before we look at culling. All wild birds, their eggs and their nests are protected by law, so we strongly recommend that you don’t try to control or manage birds yourself.




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