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South Wales Bird Control Solutions

Pigeons, seagulls and other birds can present serious problems when not controlled. The legislation on how they can be dealt with changes frequently from area to area, but Aderyn is on top of it all.

Bird droppings are particularly unpleasant hazards, spreading disease, insect pests, and creating slip hazards. In addition, droppings are unsightly and can cause serious structural damage to buildings.

Nesting materials and feathers often contain insects, which can lead to secondary infestations of properties. Birds' cooing and screaming cries, such as those of the seagull, cause major annoyance. In addition, birds such as sparrows, starlings, and pigeons can cause economic losses to food-related businesses through fouling and eating food stored and made on-site.

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Our area of expertise

  • Bio-acoustic bird repellents

  • Netting for proofing against birds

  • Spring wire deterrent installation

  • Pigeon spike placement

  • Removal of bird foul




British Pest Control Association member