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Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are robust and annoying pests, known for their ability to breed rapidly and eat many different animal and plant derived things in homes and businesses. They are a genuine health hazard that spread disease, contaminating foods they eat and surfaces they contact. Professional pest control is essential to diagnose and control infestations, as DIY products find it difficult to disrupt their breeding cycle.

Where to Find Them

Cockroaches are nocturnal, hiding in cracks and crevices. They can travel quite far at quick speeds, meaning their entry point into your home could be a distance away from their food source. Cockroaches tend to prefer warm and humid areas with access to drinking water, but can survive in dryer and cooler areas. You will tend to find them in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room basement, and sewer/drain systems. 

The presence of live cockroaches is more easily determined at night, and they can be flushed out of harbourages with a suitable aerosol containing a Pyrethroud to quickly identify them. Often, you will be diagnosing infestations from the symptoms, rather than visual confirmation of the bug. Sudden illumination will not disturb them as much as vibration will.

Insect monitors can provide us with indication of the species and the extent and severity of an infestation by catching insects on a sticky surface. The number and nature of the cockroach will indicate the extent and severity of the infestations. These traps are not used as a control measure, but as a monitor. Once the extent of infestation has been assessed, then insecticidal treatment commences. It is vital that the true extent of the infestation is discovered, in order that treatment will be successful. Monitors closest to harbourages will show the greatest number of cockroaches.

What Cockroaches eat

  • Any kind of food for human or animal consumption
  • Natural fibres (wool, fur, silks)
  • Paper, cardboard, and wood
  • Animal & plant derived soaps

Look For the Following Signs

  • Smell (lingering, unpleasant)

  • Smear marks (brown, irregular marks on horizontal surfaces)

  • Faeces (brown, 2mm, cylyndrical)

  • Insect fragments and shedded nyphmal skins

  • Evidence of insect damage on food substances

  • Dead or live insects in common hiding spots




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