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The presence of live insects is more easily determined at night, as during the day cockroaches will be hiding. They can be flushed out of harbourages with a suitable aerosol containing a Pyrethroud.


Inspection during the night will reveal cockroaches foraging for food, sudden illumination will not disturb them as much as vibration will.

Insect monitors can provide us with indication of the species and the extent and severity of an infestation by catching insects on a sticky surface. The number and nature of the cockroach will indicate the extent and severity of the infestations. These traps are not used as a control measure, but as a monitor. Once the extent of infestation has been assessed, then insecticidal treatment commences. It is vital that the true extent of the infestation is discovered, in order that treatment will be successful. Monitors closest to harbourages will show the greatest number of cockroaches.

Look for the following signs.

  • Live insects
  • Dead insects
  • Cast nymphal skins
  • Smell
  • Smear marks
  • Faeces
  • Insect fragments
  • Oothecae
  • Damaged food/paper


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