Mouse infestation

Aderyn was recently called to investigate a Mouse infestation at a public house. The owners were understandably concerned about the potential health risks and damage to their reputation so wanted a quick, discreet and effective response to the infestation.

On initial investigation a considerable number of mice were seen. Further investigation located several ingress points in the fabric of the building that were promptly sealed so as to prevent re-infestation from external areas when the internal control program was started. Due to the high number of visible mice it was decided to use an acute Rodenticide for the first control week.

This was followed up with and further intensive treatment every week for four weeks. Within a very short time the infestation was under control and sightings were a thing of the past. An annual monitoring contract was then put in place to maintain a pest free environment and prevent any further stress on the behalf of the owners.


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