Controlling flies in commercial food sites

Due to their size and mobility, flies can move far more freely, and bypass our exclusion measures with much greater ease, than any rodent. Unlike rodents and many other pests, fly species are often tolerated at background levels within food production, handling, packaging and retail areas.

There can often be a limited concern when there are seasonally-acceptable fly count numbers recorded within the catch trays of the electric fly killer (EFK) units that we service. It is true that it is almost impossible to exclude all flies and that our catch tray results demonstrate if our control measures are being effective. However, the fact that we have these species of flies present means that there is a real and present contamination risk to any exposed product.

Contamination of products with flying insect parts remains a significant issue for many food and packaging companies.

In addition to the physical contamination by flies or insect parts, we are also aware that flies are one of the most prolific propagators of disease due to their feeding practices and the likelihood that they have alighted on unclean surfaces before landing on products or packaging.

Fly control units can be and are a mainstay of any integrated pest management plan and are a prerequisite for delivering a service on any food site. The technology and quality of modern EFKs have come a long way, and we have a more comprehensive range of products to choose from than ever.

However, no matter how much we advise our clients that they require a certain type of unit there will always be the client that goes and buys those cheap catering supply units. I’m sure they do a job in some situations but they are not fit-for-purpose in every commercial site. Often the catch trays can be too small to retain flies and they are not able to be adequately cleaned or serviced.

When setting out our fly control strategy and selecting the right EFKs for the job it is important to position them adequately. Are we sure our units are not positioned above any production lines or product preparation areas that could be contaminated by fly parts from the unit? Have we made sure to position the units in a location that will not attract flies in from outside? Have we considered ease and safety of access for servicing?



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