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Aderyn are experts in the secure collection and disposal of biohazardous clinical waste including sharps. Our sharps management service provides a discrete, safe, compliant solution.


Our team can deliver, collect and exchange sharps containers from your premises in a safe and environmentally sound manner, reducing the potential risk to people who may accidentally stumble across them. The safe, controlled removal of biohazardous material is extremely important, as this kind of waste can harbour harmful diseases. Sharps, including needles, syringes and blades, can often be found in public areas such as toilets or parks, as well as abandoned houses and squats.

Disposal of sharps and hypodermics in general litter bins is extremely dangerous; the biggest risks sharps pose is puncture wounds that allow highly infectious blood-borne pathogens, like HIV and Hepatitis B, to be passed into the bloodstream. Our sharps disposal units are available in a variety of sizes to cater to your needs, and can be collected at whatever frequency you require.


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