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The 2024 Pest Calendar; What Pest To watch For Each Month



January signals the end of the spider season but provides the perfect weather conditions for Mice and Rats as they love to seek out warmth from buildings and businesses to call home during the colder months of the year. Rodent breeding rates are exponential so dealing with the problem quickly and effectively is the best course of action for a suspected rodent infestation.

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Generally, when thinking of insect pests, you would associate these with the warmer months of the year. However, Cockroaches can be a problem in the colder months due to central heating systems creating an ideal temperature all year round.  If you are concerned your business or home may have a cockroach infestation keep an eye out for the telltale signs such as

  • Cockroach droppings
  • Smear marks
  • Cockroach eggs

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Nesting birds such as starlings are common pest that begin appearing as the weather warms in March. Alongside the return of insect and Clothes moths.

We advise to get in contact with our pest control company for insect screens for windows and doors to prevent insect infestations as well as wildlife animal removal for nesting birds.

Preventative pest control such as bird spike deterrents are useful in preparation for nesting birds.  



As the Spring begins to set in fully and temperatures begin to rise more Higher numbers of insects will begin to emerge. Pest such as mice, rats, clothes moths, and cockroaches are still prevalent however, pesky house flies will begin to become an issue. Installing insect screens for windows and doors is a great preventative measure to reduce the amount of house flies within your business or home.

We advise to get in contact with our pest control company for insect screens for windows and doors to prevent insect infestations.



Wasps begin to make their first appearances of the year and will progressively become more prevalent with the hot weather. Keep a close eye out for nests to deal with the issue early on and prevent a fully active nest from forming.

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As the full sun begins to beam down and temperatures rise in the summer months expect an increase in all forms of insect! As well, as the warmer weather provides more ideal conditions for pest to survive there will be a noticeable increase in the number of rodents, bed bugs, fleas’ cockroaches, and house flies!

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July & August

July & August will bring with it a noticeable Increase in the number of ants and wasps. To avoid infestations, ensure removal of garbage and food waste as these types of waste will attract Wasps and Ants.

There will be a noticeable decline in the number of house flies you see by mid-late August but other insects will still be of concern.

It is also worth noting their will still be year-round pests such as rodents that are prevalent during this period.

If you work within the food industry, we recommend implementing preventative pest control with Aderyn in order to eliminate pests/returning pests.



As the Summer months begin to come to end and temperatures drop there will be significant decreases in the number of insect pests you encounter. There will still be another month or so of Wasps and wasp sightings before queens enter hibernation over winter.

You will notice moderate levels of spiders around September as the spider season (Unfortunately) Begins!



Most insects and insect infestations will have quietened down by October with the presence of some wasps still noticeable.

The most apparent increase in pest in October will be spiders as they begin entering homes and business to breed.

Rodents and birds will begin seeking shelter inside as temperatures drop so remain on top of your preventative pest control with Aderyn!


November & December

Spiders, Rats, and birds begin seeking shelter from the elements in November in preparation for the winter months.

This means high levels of rodent, spider and bird infestations across November and December as homes and business provide shelter and warmth.

You can begin preparing for these pest infestations to protect your business in October with preventative pest control measures with our pest control company, Aderyn.


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