Pest control

With HSE and Local Authorities ramping up their inspection activity, it’s more important than ever that your pest management company is Covid-secure.

Nothing about the pandemic has been easy for small business owners, especially pest management companies.

Health and safety are at the top of all our agendas. We all want to protect staff and clients, and operating during a pandemic comes with extra safety concerns.

HSE and Local Authorities will use their enforcement powers if they find that an organisation has not implemented good enough Covid-secure safety measures. Measures can include written notices or shutting a business down.

Employees are also being encouraged to report unsafe workplaces if they’re concerned about the lack of Covid-19 precautions, so you now have the added pressure of whistleblowing from within your team..

Common issues inspectors are finding

Our research suggests that HSE and Local Authority inspectors are finding the same common mistakes across many workplaces. Don’t fall into these common traps:

Your team doesn’t understand the mitigation measures you’ve put into place or compliance is not being enforced

You need to engage with your staff and communicate the measures you’ve put into place. There is no point having procedures written down if nobody is aware of what’s expected of them when they're working and when the inspector visits. Staff being flippant about arrangements in place or failing to demonstrate awareness and compliance will not serve the business well.

Cleaning policy doesn’t address critical risks

If you’re not following through with a suitable cleaning regime, your inspector may pick up on it.

Staff aren’t social distancing properly

You need to make sure you enforce social distancing and gently correct behaviour as you spot it. Social distancing is essential, and your inspector will pick up on it if distancing is not properly observed.

REMEMBER: If an HSE, Local Authority or Environmental Health inspector turns up at your workplace, you must give them access.



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