Sea Gulls

The UK government has issued details on the Glue Traps (Offences) Bill to crack down on “inhumane rodent traps”.

In a government press release it states:

“Glue traps are a widely available and cheap method of pest control. However, the sticky traps can cause immense suffering to rodents, as the animals can remain alive for at least 24 hours after capture, and it can take even longer for them to die. Pets and wildlife can also fall victim, with RSPCA rescuing buzzards and cats from the traps in the last year".

Over the last five years alone, the RSPCA has also received over 200 reports of animals not considered to be pests, including wild birds, hedgehogs and pet cats being found stuck in them. The Glue Traps (Offences) Bill has been introduced [to] Parliament by Jane Stevenson MP today (Wednesday 16 June). The new Bill will enable a full ban on the use of glue traps to catch rodents. The UK has a strong history of leading the way on animal welfare and now that we have left the EU, the Government is committed to improving these standards even further by delivering a series of ambitious reforms, outlined in the Action Plan for Animal Welfare.


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