Pest control of flies

British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is keeping a watching brief on pest issues after a survey revealed a significant spike in rat and mice activity in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Did you know that pests have increased 51% during lockdown, according to the BPCA. Specifically there's been a 41% increase in mice activity during the timeline of restrictions. Empty buildings, deserted streets and reduced footfall provide an ideal opportunity for rodents to thrive. Rats and mice are the main concern, becoming bolder and braver. With no human predators and an abundance of food, no wonder buildings are becoming overrun..

Natalie Bungay, BPCA Technical Officer, said: “We’ve had reports of rats and mice infesting empty buildings and it seems their lifestyle patterns are changing. “Rats in particular are also becoming more visible in areas of population. With less footfall across cities and towns there is less associated food waste being left in bins and on the floor. “As a result, rat populations are likely to move further afield to satisfy their need for a food source and this, in turn, is likely to cause more sightings. By nature, rats will also try to avoid humans directly and so, with less of us walking the streets, they may be getting a little bolder and possibly be seen in areas they normally wouldn’t.”

Don't forget that pest control workers are considered 'key workers' and we are available to protect your premises during lockdown. Key areas include healthcare environments such as hospitals, the food manufacturing industry, and farms. Empty buildings also need to be managed and rodents carry and transmit diseases and can breed at an alarming rate if left unattended. 


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