Keep pests from your bins

As the temperature soars, so to do the reports of rats around Britain’s homes and businesses.

Always keep lids sealed properly. Even small gaps create easy access for pests. Rats can squeeze through a space as thin as a pencil. Wasps are more likely to make a nest around an easy food source.

Place your bins tactfully. Make sure that bins are kept well away from windows and doors. If possible, place your bins out of direct sunlight to help reduce the smells and decrease the rate of decomposition pests are attracted too.

Don’t let food sit for too long in your kitchen bin. Try to keep any food waste in the wheelie bin. Kitchen bins will attract wasps and flies into your building. Take food waste out to your main bin regularly.

Clean all of your bins. It’s a good idea to give your inside and outside bins a rinse with disinfectant and hot water. Alternatively, hire a reputable company to do it for you. Not only will this help with the smell rats and wasps are attracted too, but it’ll also mean if there are any pathogens brought in by pests, you’ll neutralise them. Always wear gloves!





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