A bumper year for pests

It is looking like a bumper year for pests, with the summer providing perfect conditions for wasps, rats and mice to thrive, according to industry experts.

Call-outs to Aderyn have increased for wasps as the warm weather brings extended opportunities to feed.

And while typically reports of rats and mice tend to drop in the summer months,Aderyn says there’s been no slow-down in the number of call-outs to tackle rodents too.

“As the warmer weather takes hold, the number of call-outs for rats and mice usually drops, as the rodents move away from the warmth and shelter of homes and outbuildings to outdoor environments.

“However, this year we are seeing no evidence of that, with our members saying that call-outs to deal with rodents are continuing in the summer months.

“It seems they are staying indoors in commercial and domestic properties and the volume of calls being received is highly unusual for this time of the year and while we cannot be sure exactly what the cause is for this, it is something we are looking closely into. One theory is that there is a good deal of fruit around this year due to the warm weather and that rats and mice don’t have to travel as far as usual to feed.

“Regardless of the weather this year, we were already expecting increased activity with wasps.



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