Choosing the correct flykiller

Insect protection has come a long way. From the invention of insect repellant lotions which will just protect a particular person, to manually hunting those little insects with different insect killing tools. Then came the electrically powered insect killers, and zapping began. Then life changed for the better.

The term "zap" came from the sound when an insect is electrocuted and was eventually associated with electric insect killers. A lot of electric insect killers are available in the market today. If you want to have the best and most efficient electric fly killer, you may want to consider the following points:

Type of premises: is it for domestic or commercial use? commercial use flykillers have to conform to certain legislation and testign to help improve food hygiene. sometime the location of the unit will determine the type of flykiller needed as electric flykillers should not be positioned over food prep areas due to the risk of insects being blown out of the catchment tray so Glue board units need to be instlled instead.

Protected Area: How large is the area you want to cover? All electric insect killers are designed to cover and protect a specific area. Some can cover 32 square meters while some can protect up to 400-500 square meters.

Energy Saving: What is the power consumption of the unit if it will be plugged for a certain amount of time? Make it a habit to check on the specifications regarding power and loading information of the unit you want to purchase, some units promise 30-70% savings on energy usage. You certainly want to make sure that the protection you will get is worth every penny you spend on electricity.

Area of Use: Where will the unit be placed or installed? Will it be for in the home, front of house in cafe / restaurant etc, kitchen area, food prep? If it would be installed in a damp environment, make sure to choose a water proof unit.

Eco-Friendly: Most electric insect killers are now manufactured with great consideration to the environment. They are designed to be environment friendly and pollution free with no fumes, no smells, no insecticides or any other chemicals that may be harmful to nature.

Ease of use: Majority of electric fly killers are designed to be used straight from the box. All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step assembling instructions, plug the unit and let it do its thing. It should be that easy.

Maintenance: Is the unit easy to clean? are spare lamps / glueboards readily available? Glue boards should be changed at least every 3 months and lamps annuallly in order to maintain efficiency.

Additional Features that you may to look out for:

1. Design - Electric insect killers are also considered as part of home ornaments, so don't be surprised to see a stylish unit out in the market. Units can be wall mounted, freely standing or can be fixed on the ceilings.

2. Safety Features - On/Off switch should be a must for any unit as a safety feature aside from the plug in power cable, automatic power cut off if the tray is removed.

These are just suggested points for you to get the best value for your money and for you to have a peaceful quite time without thinking of any insect that could affect you or your business. Now is the best time to purchase your electric insect killer.

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