"Quick, efficient and we haven’t seen an Ant since!"

We had a problem with ants getting into everything in our staff kitchen. When Bruce arrived he showed us how we could help not attract the Ants and then carried out a treatment to get rid of the nest. Quick, efficient and we haven’t seen an Ant since. Defiantly use Aderyn again.

Liz Tomms - Health and Safety Manager

"Very impressed with the speed and knowledge"

I run a small storage business, one day I started to see some small moths in the building but didn’t think much of it. The following day however there were hundreds of the little blighters everywhere so I called Aderyn. Bruce came along the very next day and diagnosed the moth as Case baring moth. Bruce quickly found the source of the problem and carried out a treatment then and there. I was very impressed with the speed and knowledge found at Aderyn, I’ll certainly be using them again.

Julian Moore

"A pleasure to deal with"

When we had our roof repaired recently, the contractor damaged the Pigeon net. It didn’t take the Pigeons long to find the damage and move back in. in no time at all there was a horrible smelly build up of Pigeon poo just outside our fire exit door. When we called Aderyn Bruce came to have a look and quickly put our minds at rest as he could repair the net, remove the poo and sterilize the area. The job was all completed within a week of our first contact. Aderyn and Bruce were a pleasure to deal with.

Mark Titnell - Health and Safety Manager

"One phone call was all it took"

As the owner of a car show room I normally encourage visitors, however when we discovered we had mice in the building, that was a totally different matter. The girls in the back office saw the first one running across the light fitting in the suspended ceiling and then when we investigated why we couldn’t get one of the cars started, we found a mouse nest in the sound proofing next to the fuse box. One phone call to Aderyn was all it took for Bruce to visit and sort out our problem. We were so impressed that we took out an annual contract just to make sure they didn’t return.

Paul Norvill - Owner

"Well trained and efficient!"

When my staff discovered a wasp nest in one of our commercial bins Aderyn were the only company that could come and sort it the very next day. When Bruce dealt with the Wasp nest he also noticed that we had a bit of a rat problem that we hadn’t noticed so we took him on to deal with that too. It is great to meet people as well trained and efficient as those at Aderyn.

Steve Miller – Maintenance Manager

"A popular guest speaker"

At out “young wives” group we like to invite speakers to our meetings from time to time. Bruce has been a popular guest speaker in the past so we invited him once again. Bruce suggested that he talk about Birds of Prey and bring his Harris Hawke Isabeau. What a delightful evening we had and very informative. Isabeau is a beautiful Hawke and obviously very well trained. I don’t think it will be long before we invite them back again.

Janice Evans – Chair

"10 out of 10 to Aderyn!"

I love the smell of my Italian Restaurant as I am passionate about food, however on arriving one morning I was greeted by a totally unwelcome smell….. something had died somewhere. When I called Adeyn, everyone was so helpful and Bruce was at the restaurant within a few hours. It didn’t take Bruce long to find the source of the smell, a Rat had managed to get in and die above the suspended ceiling. That dealt with Bruce then set about finding where it had got in and then sealed the hole to prevent a repetition. I was so impressed that I took out an annual contract so that Bruce can keep me pest and stress free from now on. 10 out of 10 to Aderyn.

Mike Addamo

"Should have called Aderyn first!"

After trying and failing to get rid of Fleas in our house with stuff we got from the vet we called Aderyn for assistance. Bruce came along and explained everything about Fleas to us. He then carried out two visits to spray the whole house and advised us to wash the cats bedding at 60° and keep treating the cats with product from the vet. It’s been a month now and no bites, should have called Aderyn first!

Mary Brindley