Aderyn Pest Control

Fox, Badger and Wildlife Management

Aderyn specialises in the reduction of badger and fox related problems, along with providing advice and solutions for all other aspects of wildlife management and related issues.

Wildlife management balances the needs of wildlife with the needs of people and includes game keeping, wildlife conservation and pest control. Whether you need help dealing with the urban fox that is being found more and more in the heart of our cities or need help managing and controlling badger setts, Aderyn can help.

Our work is always conducted in line with the badger protection act and the animal welfare act, so you can be confident that the animal will be handled in the best possible way when tackling your problem and that you will not face any penalties for mistreatment of animals.

Wildlife Control Services

  • Specialising in fox and badger populations
  • Urban and rural management
  • Humane trapping solutions




British Pest Control Association member