The Urban fox is a highly intelligent formidable and extremely adaptable creature. Once a creature of suburbs and semi-rural areas the fox can now be found living in the heart of cities.

Their ability to adapt and co exist with humans has made the fox one of the most abundant species in urban settings. Along with success also comes conflict as fox numbers increase then also problems with foxes increase. Most problems are encountered in the early spring when vixens are feeding cubs and become bolder as their young make more and more demands. Problems come on different levels from fouling to foxes taking up residence under sheds, decking and within voids etc.

The controllers of old would simply dispatch the fox and leave the area fox free. Unfortunately fox numbers now make this approach simply pointless as any territory left vacant by removing the resident fox is quite quickly filled. This is not to say that individual foxes cannot learn bad habits and show abnormal behavior the entering of houses and the ability to show no fear are just some of the problems encountered.

Foxes also carry diseases, which can be passed from species to species. Modern day foxes require modern day solutions.
Aderyn Ltd work within a strict remit and assess every problem on its own merit’s.
Our services include:
• Deterrents
• Proofing
• Exclusion
• Habitat Management
• If you have an ongoing problems with Foxes please call us advice is free and
a solution is always possible
• Please note we do not relocate Foxes
The Animal Welfare Act
Protects foxes from cruelty we do not and will not recommend any action, which directly or indirectly breaches or causes our clients to breach this act or any other legislation. Fox attack’s are a rare occurrence and are a direct result of Foxes behavior being changed at a young age. Do not feed cubs or foxes in your garden Encouragement of foxes should be avoided. The Fox although still urban remains – A WILD ANIMAL a healthy respect should be shown at all times




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