Badgers are a growing concern in our towns & cities, their number are increasing year on year and ultimately this leads to conflict with their Human neighbours.

Any dealings with badgers must be undertaken through licensing as Badgers have been afforded their own protection through the Protection of Badgers Act.

It is true to say that this act was never written with the intention of it being used to mitigate for urban badgers however the legislation is in place and strict guidelines must be implemented before any works can be undertaken to alleviate badger problems. As urban areas develop it is inevitable that at some point humans will come into conflict with Badgers. Badgers are by their very nature a species to which digging comes naturally, this in turn accounts for most of the problems that are experienced. To understand how to solve Badger problems you must first understand the Badger and his basic needs.

Badgers live in an underground tunnel system known as a Sett. Setts vary in size and can also vary in depth. Within these sett systems there are areas known as chambers in which the Badger will spend most of his day. The sett also provides the Badger with food as the tunnels also act as a trap for any insects or worms, which accidentally burrow into this area. Badgers are omnivores and will eat most things however worms are the staple diet. Badger setts can turn up in the most unusual places, Gardens, Under Roads, Canal Banks, and Under Buildings etc. Once established they will continue to expand until they are either abandoned or the Badgers are forced to move on.
The Badgers basic needs are simple but their digging and diet bring them into conflict with humans. Badger setts on your property can be a serious matter as diggings can undermine boundaries, foundations embankments etc. Badgers seeking worms and grubs can cause serious lawn damage. Please note there are currently no chemical repellents approved for use with Badgers.


Aderyn Ltd provides a complete and comprehensive limitation service for anyone
trying to deal with badger related issues.

Our services include:
• Surveys
• Reduction, limitation
• Exclusions
• Habitat Management
• Fill Project Management

What ever your problem advice is always free.

Please remember Badgers are protected and penalties are severe.

Badger licenses are only granted between 1st July and 30th November annually.
The Badger Protection Act

The Badger Protection Act Protects Badger and their Setts from Cruelty and disturbance. We do not and will not recommend any action, which directly or indirectly breaches or causes our clients to breach this act or any other legislation. Attacks by Badgers are a rare occurrence and are a direct result of Badger behaviour being changed at a young age. Do not feed cubs or Badgers in your garden, encouragement of Badgers should be avoided. The Badger although still urban remains – A WILD ANIMAL. A healthy respect should be shown at all times.



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