Rat in a bath

A rat in the bath? not the sort of thing you come across everyday!

Easy enough for us at Aderyn to deal with but the question remains, where did it come from? This task was left to our specialist technician Bruce to sort out. On arrival he was confronted with the fact that yes there was a live rat in the bath. Having dealt with said rodent he turned into his sherlock holmes mode and set about the task of trying to find out how this rodent could have ended up in the bath.

A detailed check of the bathroom revealed no obvious entry points, holes in ceiling or any other possible avenue including via the toilet itself (the seat was down and had been all night). Having dismissed the building fabric in the bathroom a being an entry point he then proceeded to check all rooms in the property, but again drew a blank. It was at this time he noticed the owner had a cat and asked the question as the where the cat was when she found the rat in the bath. unsurprisingly said moggy was also in the bathroom!!  A quick check of the location of the catflap and bathroom provided the final clue that the culprit all along was the cat who had brought a "present" home and   deposited it in the bathroom for safekeeping.

Having explained his findings, the householder was much relieved and said she would be keeping a much closer eye on the cat in future. Another satisfied custer for Aderyn ltd.