How to get a spider though a 900 mm opening

Aderyn ltd recently had the task of repairing some pigeon netting within an ancient scheduled monument. The problem was how to get to it as it was 16m from the ground and deep within the site.

We decided that a tracked spider hoist would be the safest method of accessing the netting. After a detailed site inspection only one access point was identified as being a possible but it was extremely tight (even the access company had doubts) we decided to risk it and suffice to say all fingers and toes were crossed on the day. The operator of the hoist had to remeasure many times before attempting but with literally millimetres to spare the hoist was guided through the opening. Great it was inside!! We sucessfully completed the netting repairsand managed to squeeze the hoist out through the doorway. Job complete & no damage to any of the protected stonework. Anther satisifed client.